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Faculty Handbook 
Faculty Handbook

Chapter 2 Services and Facilities for Faculty

Services for Faculty

Campus Parking Permit

It is the responsibility of each faculty member to register his/her motor vehicle with the Office of Police and Public Safety. Permits are valid for one year, expiring August 31. Permits sold after January 1 are half price. Costs vary by employment category and are subject to change. The Campus parking Map details which lots are available for faculty/staff parking. The parking permit cost may automatically be deducted from the August paycheck on a pre-tax basis. The Parking Permit Form is available at the website of the office of the controller at More information on parking and traffic control regulations can be found at the website for the office of Police and public safety at

Telephone and Fax Service

Telephone services are provided through The Division of Information Technology. For assistance with your telephone service contact the Help Desk at 910.521.6260 or For more information on telephone services at UNC Pembroke, see the website for the Division of Information Technology at

Fax service is offered to all faculty, students, and staff. Most departments now have their own Fax machines. The Campus Post Office provides a cash Fax service for personal use by individuals. Use of all other campus Fax machines is limited to official University business.For more information on the use of University Fax services, see the website for the Office of Business affairs at

Mail Service

The UNCP Mail Center is located in the Auxiliary Services Building. The office offers stamps, envelopes, USPS, UPS, Federal Express, and Airborne mailing services. Intra-department mail is picked up and delivered twice daily. In addition to regular postal service, the UNCP Mail Center provides other services to students, staff, and faculty for a nominal fee. These additional services include: certified mail; insured mail; registered mail; express mail; and a Fax service. For more information on campus mail services, see the website for the UNCP mail Center at

State Courier Service

UNCP is served by the State Courier Service for all state agencies located in Raleigh and other agencies throughout the State. Contact the UNCP Mail Center at extension 6203 for more information on courier mail.

Computer Resources and Services

The Office of the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) reports to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Resources and Chief Information Officer. The primary function of the Office is to provide support for computing, telecommunications, teaching technologies, and media technologies; to build and sustain the technical infrastructure; and to address security and compliance policies, laws and concerns related to University data. The main office for DoIT is located in Carter Hall. The DoIt Helpdesk is located in D.F. Lowry, Room 110, the Interactive Video Facility is located in Room 125 of the Business Administration Building and instructional support and training is located in Jacobs Suite C.

DoIT services include administrative and academic computing support as well as responsibility for the campus data and video network; telecommunications; computer and software training; the campus Interactive Video facility; University web site support; installation, service and repair of microcomputers; printers and peripherals; and processing of enterprise software. DoIT also assists in the development and implementation of individual, group and institutional research projects. Test scoring capabilities, laptop and projector checkout and other capabilities are available to the faculty to facilitate their classroom instruction and professional development activities. For more information on the Division of Information Technology, see the website for that division at

The Mary Livermore Library

The Library is a cultural, educational, and informational resource for The University of North Carolina at Pembroke and the surrounding region and serves to support the University's teaching, learning, and research needs. The Library staff is ready at all times to assist students and faculty in finding courserelated or research materials. The Library provides a number of services for students, staff, faculty, and other Library users. Services include providing a collection of print and non-print reference and circulating materials, including online data bases and electronic full-text journals; acquiring new materials; offering a collection of selected state and federal documents; meeting interlibrary loan requests; providing reference assistance, information, and research consultation; library use instruction; orientation tours; circulation services; and meeting other service requests as needed. All library services available onsite are available to distance education students. Assistance is provided to disabled persons as needed. The Library staff encourages all faculty members to visit its website at The website is updated regularly to reflect the variety of print and non-print materials available at the Mary Livermore Library as well as other Library use information.

Campus Health and Safety

It is the policy of The University of North Carolina at Pembroke, to provide a safe and healthful environment; free from recognized hazards, which may cause serious injury to students, employees, and visitors. This is accomplished by maintaining a comprehensive safety, health, and environmental program, which involves all university employees. For more information on campus health and safety, see the website for the office of Environmental Health and Safety at

University Police


The University of North Carolina at Pembroke Police provides 24-hour-a-day patrol protection to the campus. UNCP police officers are vested with full law enforcement powers and responsibilities identical to the local police or sheriff in your home community. Officers are responsible for a full range of public safety services, including all crime reports, investigations, medical emergencies, fire emergencies, traffic accidents, enforcement of laws regulating underage drinking, the use of controlled substances, weapons, and all other incidents requiring police assistance.

Additionally, officers routinely share information with appropriate University officials concerning incidents and conditions on campus so that appropriate action can be taken. When a criminal violation is charged, the matter is sent to the criminal courts just as if a crime had been committed in the community. Violations of University rules, regulations and policies that are not criminal violations are routinely reported to the appropriate University officials. Violations of University regulations which are also violations of criminal law may result in a charge against the violator in the criminal courts and also action on the part of the University. In such cases the action on the part of the University and the action by the criminal courts are independent and neither depends on the outcome of the other. For more information about campus security, see the website for the office of Police and Public Safety at

Motorist Assistance

Students, faculty, staff, and/or visitors on campus who find themselves in need of emergency vehicle service should call the University Police Department (521-6235) for assistance. Emergency supplies such as an air tank, jump cables, gas can, a device for unlocking automobile doors, and assorted tools are available.

Campus Escort Service

The University Police provide an escort service aimed at pedestrian safety on campus. The hours of operations are primarily from dusk until 12 midnight, but escorts are available upon request from midnight until dawn. To obtain an escort, a student should dial 521-6235.

Emergency Telephone Service

The Office of Police and public Safety has a modern communications system which allows the campus population the ability to contact officers directly 24 hours a day (521-6235). A telephone for emergency use only is located in the lobby of the Police Office on Faculty Row. There are twelve (12) additional Emergency Call Box telephones located at various sites on campus. These telephones are easily identifiable by the "Emergency" marking and blue strobe light mounted on top. To use these telephones, a caller must depress the call button and the telephone rings directly to the University Police. For more information on the emergency telephone service, see the website for this service at the Office of Police and Public Safety at

Student Health Services Center

The Student Health Services (SHS), located adjacent to the Nursing Building and across from the Mary Livermore Library, offers outpatient health care to students. The facility is supervised by a nurse director, contracted physician, extenders, contracted pharmacist, nurses and support staff. Any faculty or staff member desiring routine medical services from Student Health Services may pay the $57.50 per semester fee to the Cashier and take his/her receipt to the Director of Health Services. This will entitle him/her to out-patient service only and does not cover family members.

Available medical services include primary medicine, routine gynecologic examinations and contraceptive health education, immunizations, confidential HIV testing, allergy injections, laboratory services, nursing services, minor injury treatment, and health education programs. The waiting times for these services vary depending upon the number of patients using the clinic. The doors to the SHS are locked after 9:00 pm for security reasons. Ring the doorbell for admittance. In an emergency at a residence hall or on campus, notify the campus police and/or a RA who will contact SHS at 521-6219.

Travel Procedures and Policies

In general, when a faculty member anticipates traveling for purposes related to his or her duties, he or she should submit a Travel Request Form (available at On that form, the faculty member states the purpose of the travel and estimates costs associated with it. The form is to be approved by the Department Chair and other administrators. On returning from the trip, the faculty member should immediately submit a Travel Reimbursement Form (also available at the website listed above) with receipts showing the actual costs of the travel. Again, relevant signatures are required. Note that some costs may be prepaid (for example, airline tickets may be billed directly to the University). The Office for Business Affairs will issue a check for the reimbursement. UNC Pembroke reimburses travel expenses in accordance with the regulations of the State of North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management. Information on travel rates and regulations is available on the website for the Office of the Controller at

American Express Credit Card Program

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke has entered into an agreement with American Express to provide credit cards with no annual fee to employees who travel on University business. The American Express card is used in lieu of cash advances. An American Express Credit Card application may be obtained in the Office of Human Resources, Lumbee Hall, Room 347.


The mission of the Office of Purchasing is to provide support to the educational mission of the University by assisting departments in obtaining products and services of high quality at the lowest possible cost and in a timely fashion. Purchasing will process orders in an efficient manner and within the guidelines of state purchasing requirements, UNCP policies, and ethical standards.

UNC Pembroke Purchasing Services provides the following services:

  • Acts as legal agent to obligate University funds
  • Assists with evaluation of products/services
  • Assists in preparation of specifications
  • Assists in location of sources
  • Solicits and evaluates bids/quotes
  • Vendor relations
  • Provides information on federal, state and university purchasing regulations
  • Maintains descriptive literature, catalogs and current information on materials and equipment
  • Disposes of various items of surplus equipment

For more information on the Office of Purchasing, see the website for that office at


The Office of Printing is located in the Auxiliary Services Building. It provides printing, copying, and other reproduction services for all academic and administrative departments at a reasonable charge. For more information on the services offered by the Office of Printing, see the website for that office at

Collection of Money

No individual or department of the University may collect any money without issuing a receipt and being authorized to do so by the Bursar's office. Funds collected in the name of The University of North Carolina at Pembroke are subject to all State budgetary regulations, and checks will be made payable to The University of North Carolina at Pembroke. The policy on Receipting/Depositing of Collected Monies is available in the website for the Office of Business Affairs at

Fund Raising and Solicitation

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke has the duty and responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy work environment conducive to its principal mission of education while respecting the constitutional protection of free speech as well as the individual's right to privacy. Accordingly, the University has adopted a solicitation policy for the purposes of: (a) preserving the University's right to permit or prohibit sales and solicitations activities on University property, and (b) protecting the campus community from sales and solicitations activities that are intrusive, unrelated to our educational purpose, or incompatible with normal operations. This policy is not intended to constrain solicitation of the University, which may be directed to appropriate employees solely in their capacities as employees or agents of the University in the normal operation of University purchasing or contracting. As a means to achieve these ends, University Policy HR 65 02 limits access to the campus community by any entity engaging in a solicitation. The complete policy is located on the website for the Office of Business Affairs at

Fund Raising by Student Organizations

Any student organization desiring to sponsor an on-campus fund-raising activity must first seek the approval of the Director of Student Activities. The reasoning for this is twofold: (1) conflicts will be avoided through efficient scheduling and (2) compliance with State and University statutes and regulations must be monitored.

Off-campus functions by student organizations will not be approved and/or supervised by the University. Student organizations are encouraged to schedule their functions, be they parties or any other form of fund-raiser, on campus. However, students and student organizations are reminded that they are subject to appropriate disciplinary action, including possible suspension or expulsion from the University, for breach of federal, state and local laws or University regulations. This principle extends to conduct off campus which is likely to have adverse effect on the educational process or which stamps the offender as an unfit associate for the other students. Students and student organizations are not entitled to greater immunities or privileges before the law than those enjoyed by other citizens generally. (Statement from UNCP Student Handbook, Section II, "Activities and Regulations" at

Notary Services

A number of individuals on campus are notaries public and are willing to provide limited notary services to members of the campus community. Note that they do not have the capability to provide legal advice or to handle complicated transactions.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found is maintained as a service to UNCP students, faculty, and staff. The official location of the University's Lost and Found is the Information Station located on the first floor of the James B. Chavis University Center. The hours are 9am - 9pm Monday-Friday except during the summer when the hours are 10am - 2pm and during nationally recognized holidays during which the area is closed. The phone number for the Information Station is 910-521-6575. More information about the Lost Found can be located at the website for the University Center at

Career Center

The Career Center is located in the Chavis University Center, Room 210. The Center's purpose is to assist students and alumni with career planning and the job search. Career counselors are available to assist students in deciding their major, assessing their skills and interests, exploring job information, critiquing resumes, developing interviewing skills, and determining job-hunting strategies.

The Career Library maintains resources related to college majors, careers, employers, graduate schools, internships/co-ops, and the job market. Web services are available for students to post resumes and references, view job listings, and network with employers. Workshops are offered throughout the year on a wide range of career planning topics. The following events are scheduled annually: Freshman Seminar tours, Senior Orientation, Graduate and Professional School Day, Career Fair, Teacher Education Fair, and the Volunteer Fair.

Representatives from business, industry, government, health, and public schools come to the Career Center during fall and spring semesters to interview seniors and alumni for job vacancies. The UNCP Alumni Career Connection is a network for graduates willing to contribute information and/or time to students exploring careers, graduate schools, internships, etc. For more information on the Career Center, view the website for that office at

Teaching Support Services

Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center promotes teaching excellence by generating the ideas, activities, and enthusiasm that foster quality teaching and learning. The TLC seeks to foster an environment where teaching is rewarded and recognized as an opportunity and a privilege. It provides faculty with opportunities to attend weekly presentations and workshops on teaching, the annual Summer Institute on Online and Hybrid Course Development, and the annual Faculty Development Day.

Faculty can also participate in teaching circles; have access to learning resources; and apply for grants for research and professional development, teaching enhancement, and travel to professional conferences.

The Teaching and Learning Center provides instructional design services to assist faculty with the incorporation of technology into teaching, assists faculty with the preparation of promotion and tenure materials, and facilitates the preparation of departmental plans for the assessment of student learning outcomes. The TLC also provides mentors for new faculty and participates in the annual New Faculty Orientation Program. More information about the Teaching and Learning Center can be located at the website for that office at

Writing Center

The Writing Center, staffed by a faculty supervisor and several student assistants, is available to any student who desires assistance with a writing assignment. The Writing Center is located in the Dial Humanities Building and operates on a regular schedule, including some evening hours, to accommodate student needs. No appointment is needed. More information about the Writing Center can be located at the website for that office at

Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services provides counselors who are available to assist faculty who encounter a student in crisis and to provide support to faculty in dealing with a difficult student. The Center offers consultation to faculty, staff, and students regarding student development concerns as well as a wide range of mental health issues impacting the campus community. The Center is available to present workshops or guest lectures and can also aid faculty in accessing personal mental health resources. This service may be used to discuss particular student issues or as a one-time referral source for personal concerns. The Counseling Center staff provides programming on topics related to emotional health, sexual assault, diversity, personal growth, relationships, substance abuse and other issues relevant to student life. More information about the Counseling and Psychological Services can be located at the website for that office at

Center for Academic Excellence

The Center for Academic Excellence embodies UNCP's commitment to academic success. Together the programs, offices, and resources form a comprehensive academic support network that can assist students to find their ideal path and pursue their degree. The First Year Program welcomes all new UNCP freshmen to the University and helps them make the transition to college. The Second Year Program assists sophomores in making a successful transition from first year to second year. The Tutoring Program helps students achieve their academic goals by offering individualized tutoring in General Education courses. Supplemental Instruction is offered to all students who want to improve their understanding of course material and their grades in SI-supported courses. More information about the Center for Academic Excellence can be located at the website for that office at

Facilities for Faculty

Use of University Property

Faculty members and other employees are not permitted to hold classes, workshops, or other such projects in University buildings for private gain or to use University equipment for that purpose. All classes or instructional projects involving any collection of money are to be handled through the Controller's Office. For more information on reserving UNCP facilities, see the website for the University Center at

Faculty members should be concerned about the physical appearance of their classrooms. If classrooms are not meeting expectations, please contact the Office of Facilities Operations. Lights should be turned off when one leaves the classrooms. Anyone who enters a building by unlocking doors should lock the doors behind them or upon leaving the building. A faculty member who unlocks a door is responsible for the students who enter the building through that door while it remains unlocked.

Facilities Management

Information related to facilities management can be found on the website for the Office of Facilities Management at The maintenance of buildings falls under the immediate supervision of the Office of Facilities Operations. The Office processes work requests, fills key requests, and manages reservations for the use of state vehicles. Its departments handle work in the areas of carpentry, electrical, grounds, housekeeping, locksmith, motor pool, painting, and plumbing. For more information on facilities operations, see the website for that office at

University Bookstore

The University operates a Bookstore from which students may purchase textbooks and school supplies. Before the opening of each semester, the Textbook Manager will request information concerning anticipated needs from each faculty member. This information is used in ordering necessary textbooks for purchase by students. Careful and accurate estimates should be furnished to the Textbook Manager in order that he or she may avoid an overstock of books and supplies which become obsolete and result in financial loss to the University. For more information on the University Bookstore, see the website for that entity at

Food Services and Catering

Excellent meals are available from the University cafeteria to faculty and staff at nominal rates. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served daily. A debit-card system is part of the UNCP I.D. card, the BravesOne card. This system allows faculty to design their own meal plan. Faculty members may either put "Munch Money" on the card ($25 minimum) or purchase Block Meals. Block Meals (16 meals minimum) may be purchased at a reduced rate. See the Cashier's Office for Details. Additional information about meal plans can be obtained at the website for University Dining at

Bert's is an informal snack bar, located in the Chavis University Center, providing light meals, coffee, and franchised fast food alternatives to the University Cafeteria. Bert's was named for the late Ms. Bertine Prine, who served for nearly five decades as the administrative assistant to the first six chancellors of the University and was herself an institution on the campus. For more information on Bert's and the University Dining Hall, see the website for University Center at

UNCP Catering Services provides food and beverages for a variety of indoor and outdoor events. For more information on catering policy, catering menus, and a Catering Request Form, see the website for University Dining at

Campus Information Sources and Services

University Communications and Marketing

University Communications and Marketing is a link between the University and its constituencies. It is responsible for selected internal and external communications and promotional campaigns. The Director is the official University spokesperson. The office coordinates media coverage and disseminates news to the media. In order to accomplish these tasks, the cooperation of all administrators, faculty and staff is requested. University-related trips, appointments, publication of articles, participation in programs, honors received, or any other newsworthy event should be reported for dissemination to the news media. University Communications and Marketing sends news releases and media advisories to media throughout North Carolina, professional journals, and to out-of-state hometown media. A feature of the office is its photographic service which provides photos to accompany the printed news releases. The office provides web page design and programming assistance to other units of the University on request. The office also has the responsibility for screening all publications for external audiences for design and content consistency across units of the University. For more information about University Communications and Marketing, see the website for that office at

Campus Publications

University Catalog

The University Catalog is published in a new edition each academic year. The Catalog contains the academic policies followed in the University as well as the requirements for degrees in each of the programs offered at UNCP. Course descriptions for each of the courses in each of the academic departments are also listed. A separate section of the Catalog describes the graduate programs, graduate admissions requirements and procedures, degree requirements, and specialized policies applicable to graduate education. Annual revisions add any changes in policies, procedures, requirements, program structures, and courses. The Catalog also lists current administrative staff and retired current faculty. For more information on the University Catalog, see the website for that publication at

Faculty Handbook

The Office for Academic Affairs publishes the Faculty Handbook each academic year. The current Handbook is published on the UNCP website along with editions from the recent past. Any needed changes are incorporated into the Handbook in the summer preceding each academic year. Such changes are the joint responsibility of the Office for Academic Affairs and the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate. The Handbook contains UNC and UNC Pembroke policies that faculty members should be aware of and should adhere to. Of particular importance to faculty members, the Faculty Handbook details the evaluation procedures used for renewal of contracts, annual merit salary increase recommendations, and tenure and promotion in rank. For more information on the Faculty Handbook, see the website for that publication at

Student Handbook

The Office for Student Affairs publishes an updated Student Handbook each academic year. Copies are available to faculty on request. Reasonable familiarity with the contents of the Student Handbook is generally beneficial to faculty members in their interactions with students, both in class and in other venues. For more information on the Student Handbook, see the website for that publication at

Graduate Student Handbook

The School of Graduate Studies publishes a Graduate Student Handbook and a Graduate Faculty Handbook. Faculty members who may be teaching in graduate programs should request these documents from the Office of Graduate Studies and familiarize themselves with the content. Individual graduate programs may also publish handbooks or similar materials for their particular needs; check with the Program Director of the graduate program in question. For more information on the Graduate Student Handbook, see the website for that publication at

Brave Bulletin

The Office of University and Community Relations publishes the Brave Bulletin, a newsletter for the campus community, twice each month (monthly in the summer). An electronic version of the Brave Bulletin is available via the website for the Office of University and Community Relations at Items of general interest to faculty and staff are appropriate for submission to the Brave Bulletin.

The Pine Needle

The Pine Needle is the award-winning, biweekly student-published newspaper at UNCP. It records the weekly activities associated with the student body and The University of North Carolina at Pembroke. Through its news and sports coverage, The Pine Needle staff keeps the student body well informed of what's happening at UNCP. Through The Pine Needle, students are afforded a vital communications link with the total University. For more information on The Pine Needle, see the website for that publication at

The Indianhead

The Indianhead is the UNCP yearbook. Photographs of faculty members are generally included as well as pictures of students and a wide variety of campus activities.

The Aurochs

The Aurochs is the student literary magazine. It publishes poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and art by UNCP students. For more information on The Aurochs, see the website for that publication at

UNCP Today

UNCP Today is the UNCP alumni magazine published by the Office for Alumni Affairs. It appears twice a year and is usually mailed to faculty members at their home address. For more information on UNCP Today, see the website for that publication at

Other Information Services

E-Mail Services

Campus Listservs

UNCP has six email lists which are "global" in scope and are not limited to a specific department. These lists are as follows:

  • Official Announcements
  • Campus Events
  • Personal Announcements
  • Faculty Discussion
  • Staff Discussion
  • Student

Enrollment into the Student and Official Announcements email lists should be automatic for Students and Faculty/Staff respectively. All other "global" mailing lists can be subscribed to from BraveWeb. There are a number of other smaller email lists for departments and other specialized organizations on campus. For a full accounting of these, please see For more information on campus listserves, see the website for the Division of Information Technology at

UC Today

The Director of the Chavis University Center routinely compiles a list of activities occurring each day in the University Center for the campus community for information purposes. For more information on UC Today, see the website for the University Center at

WNCP Campus TV Station

WNCP-TV is the University's public broadcast facility staffed by UNCP students. The station telecasts news, public affairs, and entertainment programs over cable networks in counties surrounding this area, including Time Warner Cable, and via over-the-air broadcast on WFPX-TV channel 62 in Fayetteville. WNCP-TV serves 330,000 homes a day and 650,000 a week. For more information about WNCP-TV, contact the Mass Communications Department at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Pembroke, NC 28372 or telephone (910) 521-6378. For more information on the WNCP Campus TV Station, see the website for the station at