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The University of North Carolina at Pembroke 2019-2020 Catalog 
The University of North Carolina at Pembroke 2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Biology

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Chair: Velinda Woriax

Faculty:  Tim Anderson, Mary Ash3, Ben A. Bahr6, Kaitlin Campbell, Courtney Carroll, Chrisha Dolan, Rita Hagevik5, Leon S. Jernigan, Jr.1,2, Lisa Kelly, Jeffrey Kushner, Harold D. Maxwell, David W. Morse, Brandi Norman, Maria Pereira4, Robert E. Poage, Amber Rock, John Roe, Bryan Sales, Conner L. Sandefur, Maria S. (Marisol) Santisteban, Marilu Santos, Katherine Thorington, Crystal Walline, Joseph White, Erika Young, Mary (Meg) Zets

1Assistant Chair
2Environmental Science Coordinator
3Science Education Undergraduate Coordinator
4Biotechnology Program Director
5Science Education Graduate Director
6William C. Friday Distinguished Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry


The objectives of the Biology Department are to afford students an opportunity to gain an understanding of themselves and their environment and thus prepare themselves for taking a fuller, more satisfying role in society; to train students in their ability to reason inductively and deductively; to encourage original thought; to prepare teachers in the biological sciences for the elementary and secondary school; and to provide a background in subject matter and laboratory skills for curricula in which the fundamentals of the various sciences are used.

The department offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with indicated track, the Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science, the Bachelor of Science degree in Science Education. and the Bachelor of Science degree in Biotechnology (in conjunction with the Department of Chemistry and Physics). Students should consult the department head for details of each program.

Course offerings in the interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science Degree program in Science Education are offered through the Biology Department.

Biology (with tracks in Botany, Zoology, Molecular Biology, or Environmental Biology possible)
Biology - Biomedical Emphasis
Biology - Pre-Physical Therapy/Pre-Occupational Therapy
Environmental Science (with track in Sustainable Agriculture available)
Science Education (with concentrations in Biology 9-12, Chemistry 9-12, Earth Science 9-12 Physics 9-12, or Middle Grades Science 6-9)

Science Education Major

Coordinator: Mary C. Ash

Several interdisciplinary programs prepare science educators to teach middle school (6-9) or high school (9-12) science. See below for descriptions of the programs of study for the B.S. in Science Education (6-9) and the B.S. in Science Education (9-12).


    MajorMinorAcademic Concentration


      BiologyBiology LaboratorySpecial Topics in BiologyBiotechnologySpecial Topics in BiotechnologyEnvironmental ScienceScience Education

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