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The University of North Carolina at Pembroke 2019-2020 Catalog 
The University of North Carolina at Pembroke 2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of English, Theatre, and Foreign Languages

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Chair: Wendy P. Miller

Faculty: Nikki Agee, Hannah Baggott Anderson, Michael J. Berntsen, Juan Bobadilla, Corey Brittain, Brandy Brown5, Youngsuk Chae, Polina Chemishanova3,10, Danielle Chilcote6, Aaron Cole, Teagan E. Decker8, Jonathan W. Drahos4, Michele Fazio, Virginia Garnett, Peter Grimes11, Anita R. Guynn, Laura Hakala, Holden Hansen, Steven Hedgpeth, Karen Helgeson, Brian Scott Hicks, Eun Hee Jeon, Deana Johnson2, Brigitte Knight, Roger A. Ladd7, Zachary Laminack, Ana Cecilia Lara9, Autumn Lauzon, Diana Lee, Walter E. Lewallen, Milagros López-Fred, Abigail Mann, Cynthia Miecznikowski, Michelle Nettle, Sara Oswald, Catherine Parisian, Krystin Santos, Melissa Schaub1, Robin L. Snead, Joseph Sweet, Jenny Teague, Charles Tita, David Underwood, Richard R. Vela, Eric Voecks, Amy Williams, Samantha Wilson

1Assistant Chair 7Director of Graduate Program in English Education
2Director of College Opportunity Program (COP) 8Interim Dean, Maynor Honors College
3Director of Composition 9Director of Foreign Languages/Spanish Licensure
4Director of Theatre 10Director of Writing Intensive Program
5Director of University Writing Center 11Editor, Pembroke Magazine
6Coordinator of Undergraduate English Education  

The Department of English, Theatre, and Foreign Languages educates students and serves the region and the academy through teaching and research in the liberal arts. The Department cultivates insightful readers, articulate writers and speakers, expressive performers, and critical thinkers. Department faculty work to improve literacy, to develop innovative pedagogy, to enhance and showcase creative work, and to expand and transmit disciplinary knowledge.

Through sustained development of students’ critical thinking, reading, and writing, the General Education composition sequence lays the foundation for future success. Offerings in literature, foreign languages, and performance broaden and enrich students’ perspectives. Graduates of our programs become successful as professionals, graduate students, citizens, leaders, and life-long learners in a diverse global community.

The Department offers majors in English, Spanish, and Theatre and related minors and concentrations. Undergraduate majors prepare students for North Carolina Teacher Licensure in Secondary English, Middle Grades Language Arts 6-9, Spanish K-12, and add-on licensure in English as a Second Language. Graduate Programs in English prepare students for advanced licensure and other professional endeavors.

The Department offers distinctive, realistically conceived, and well‑executed programs for (1) the English major; (2) the student seeking North Carolina Teacher Licensure in English, Secondary Education 9‑12 (program approved by NCTE), Middle Grades Language Arts Education 6-9, Spanish Licensure K-12, or ESL Add-On Licensure; (3) the Theatre major; (4) the Spanish major; (5) the General Education student, served by a strong Composition program and a wide choice of courses; (6) the Education major seeking an academic concentration in English, Spanish, or Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL); (7) the student majoring in another subject who wishes to develop a minor in an area of English, foreign languages, or theatre or simply to choose an elective or two; and (8) the in‑service teacher, or college graduate with a background in English or a related discipline, seeking post‑graduate work in English Education. The Department recognizes that each program has a distinctive philosophy and specific objectives, which are made clear to students involved in each program.

The Department office offers information about advisement and screening procedures for English majors, teacher licensure candidates in English and Spanish, Spanish majors, and Theatre majors. Also available is information about the academic concentrations in English, Spanish, and TESL and minors in Creative Writing, English, French, Literature, Spanish, TESOL, Theatre, and Professional Writing. These are offered to all students enrolled at the University.

Pembroke Magazine, housed in the Department and founded in 1969 by the late Norman Macleod while he was at UNC Pembroke, focuses on North Carolina, national, and international writers. It publishes both beginning and established writers.

The University Theatre, a performance program housed in the Givens Performing Arts Center, provides a practical laboratory for the theoretical and artistic components of the Theatre Program of the Department.

The Department recommends that all of its majors study a foreign language; six semester hours (or equivalent competency) are required for English majors.

A grade of C (2.0) in ENG 1050  (Composition I) is prerequisite to all literature and language courses at the 2000 level and above except for THE 2500  (Introduction to Theatre). All full‑time students enroll in Composition I during their first semester of full‑time study and continue consecutively thereafter until they successfully complete both ENG 1050  and ENG 1060 .


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