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The University of North Carolina at Pembroke 2016-2017 Catalog 
The University of North Carolina at Pembroke 2016-2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduate Programs in Teaching

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The Master of Arts in Teaching, M.A.T.

Director: Roger A. Ladd

Program Description

The Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) program is designed as an interdisciplinary degree option within the Teacher Education Program. The M.A.T. is intended for graduates from accredited colleges or universities with an undergraduate major in humanities, sciences, or social sciences who have few, if any, formal courses in education. The program is offered in the following areas of specialization: Art Education, Health and Physical Education, Middle Grades Education (Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies), and Secondary Education (English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies). Upon successful completion of Phase I and state mandated examination(s), candidates will be eligible for a North Carolina Standard Professional I license, and upon successful completion of Phases I and II of the M.A.T. program and state mandated examination(s), recipients will be eligible for a North Carolina “M” license.

The M.A.T. program is available only to those individuals who have not earned licensure and who are seeking licensure in the teaching field in which they wish to earn the degree. The program includes courses in teaching pedagogy and professional education as well as concentrated study in a content-specific area, for a total of 36-39 hours (hours vary by concentration). A 10-week (3 semester hours) internship experience in an approved public school setting is required. Policies regarding exceptions to this internship requirement are defined in the M.A.T. Handbook. With the internship, the program will total 39-42 hours.

Although other program areas may be considered, the following undergraduate programs are determined to be most compatible with the selected graduate program of study:

  • Art Education: B.F.A., B.S., or B.A. degree in studio art.
  • Health and Physical Education: Exercise and Sports Science, Kinesiology, Physical Education, Recreation, Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology
  • Middle Grades Language Arts and Secondary English Education: English
  • Middle Grades and Secondary Mathematics Education: Mathematics
  • Middle Grades and Secondary Science Education: Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics
  • Middle Grades and Secondary Social Studies Education: History, Political Science

Degrees in closely related fields may be acceptable; transcripts will be evaluated, and any discipline-specific prerequisites will be specified at the time of admission to a program.

The M.A.T. Program has been developed according to NC State Board of Education Program Approval Standards. The graduate program incorporates the conceptual framework that is common to all teacher education programs at UNCP.

Program Goals

Upon completion of the M.A.T. program, the student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate breadth of general knowledge, as well as depth of knowledge, in the selected discipline area necessary for effective instructional decision-making.
  2. Demonstrate a well-articulated knowledge of elementary, middle or secondary school communities and issues that impact teaching.
  3. Exhibit knowledge of and show respect toward diverse cultural values and exceptionalities;
  4. Communicate effectively in Standard oral and written English.
  5. Adapt instructional strategies to the developmental and learning needs of individuals, including students with special needs and students from culturally diverse backgrounds.
  6. Establish a classroom climate conducive to the learning, social, and emotional needs of students.
  7. Choose objectives consistent with state and local curriculum guidelines, the learning needs of students, and guidelines established by learned societies.
  8. Utilize technology in ways that enhance teaching and learning experiences.
  9. Employ and analyze appropriate assessments and evaluative procedures.
  10. Establish a pattern of reflective practice and scholarly inquiry culminating in confidence, professionalism, and effectiveness in the role of teacher.
  11. Demonstrate knowledge of the history, philosophy, and sociology of public education pertaining to the demonstration of best practices in education.
  12. Meet departmental requirements for a capstone course, product, and/or examination.

The MAT program has two phases:

Phase I will allow students to apply for the NC Standard Professional I License. In most concentrations, this phase consists of the Professional Core courses: EDN 5040 , An Introduction to the Tenets of Education; EDN 5120 , Advanced Study of the Exceptional Child; EDN 5430, Survey of Educational Research; and EDN 5450 , Introduction to Curriculum Design and Best Practices. An additional Field Experience course-EDN 5460 , Field Experience-for 0 credits is also required so that candidates may complete field based assignments in a K-12 environment. See courses of study below for an exact listing of Phase I courses for each concentration. Phase I will also require candidates to complete the Professional Development* course and selected Academic Specialization courses. Candidates must complete the 18-27 hours of courses of Phase I in order to apply for the Standard Professional I License.

Phase II consists of Content Specific courses to complete the Academic Specialization, and Pedagogical Expertise, and in some cases remaining Professional Core courses. (Please see each program for specifics). Successful completion of Phases I and II will allow the candidate to apply for the NC Professional M License.

*Note: Candidates for the MAT may waive the requirement for Internship after successfully completing and documenting a year of full-time teaching under a lateral entry license.

Descriptions of the courses included in the M.A.T. program are listed elsewhere in this catalog: under the M.A.Ed. program (for EDN courses) and under the M.A. programs in Art Education, English Education, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education, and Social Studies Education (for ART, ENG, EED, MAT, MATE, MATH, EXER, BIO, CHM, GLY, PHY, HST, and SSE courses).



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