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The University of North Carolina at Pembroke 2017-2018 Catalog 
The University of North Carolina at Pembroke 2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of History

Chair: Bruce J. DeHart

Faculty:  Ryan K. Anderson1, Charles E. Beem2, Scott C. Billingsley5, Robert W. Brown, Serina Cinnamon3,4, Jeff Frederick6, Jaime A. Martinez, Jamie M. Mize, J. Mark Thompson, David M. Walton, Christopher A. Woolley

1American Studies Minor Coordinator 2British Studies Minor Coordinator
3Social Studies Education Undergraduate Coordinator 4Social Studies Education Graduate Director
5Assoc. Provost/Assoc. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 6Dean, College of Arts and Sciences


History is an intellectually liberating discipline and a core component of a liberal arts education. Through the study of the political, social, and cultural aspects of the modern world and the rise, flourishing, and decline of major civilizations in the past, an individual gains insight into the shared experiences and achievements of humanity, acquires a perspective broadened by the study of peoples at different times and in different places, and develops analytical modes of thought. The study of History thus enables the individual to understand the perennial issues confronting human beings living in society, making more likely an informed, reasoned, and intelligent response to these problems.

The Department offers programs of study for students interested in virtually any career or profession. It provides a solid foundation for those who wish to teach History or the Social Studies and for the study of History at the graduate level. Courses offered by the Department likewise provide an excellent background for students who wish to study law, enter military or government service, or seek employment in other professions or the business world. History is thus an ideal major for the student seeking a liberal arts education rather than specific job training.

Programs of study offered by the Department of History include a major and a minor in History, a licensure program in Secondary or Middle Grades Social Studies Education, and an Academic Concentration in History for prospective teachers. The Department also coordinates minors in American Studies, British Studies and Asian Studies. At the Graduate level, the Department offers the M.A. degree and coordinates the M.A.T. degree in Social Studies Education.

Each History major or licensure candidate is assigned an advisor who helps the student plan and approves his or her program of study.

Students planning graduate study in History should acquire a reading knowledge of one modern foreign language and take HST 4510. Senior Seminar (3 credits) .

Additional information about the History department and its programs is available on the Department’s Web Page (


    MajorMinorAcademic Concentration


      HistorySpecial Topics in HistorySocial Studies Education