Dec 10, 2023  
The University of North Carolina at Pembroke 2022-2023 Catalog 
The University of North Carolina at Pembroke 2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

History, General History, B.A.

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Freshman Seminar: 1 Sem. Hr.

General Education: 44 Sem. Hrs.

See General Education Program  for available options in each category.

Basic History Shared Core: 15 Sem. Hrs.

Introductory History

Complete a total of four introductory courses (12 sem. hrs.), including at least one American Civilizations course (HST 1010 or 1020) and at least one World Civilizations course (HST 1140 or 1150). 6 credits of introductory history also count toward general education.

Students interested in teaching U. S. History should take both American Civilizations courses. Students interested in teaching World History should take both World Civilizations courses.

Advanced History Shared Core: 18 Sem. Hrs.

Six advanced HST courses:

  • 2 courses from the North American area
  • 2 courses from the European area
  • 2 courses from the African/Asian/Latin American/Middle Eastern area

Advanced History Electives: 6 Sem. Hrs.

Two additional advanced HST or HSTS courses from any geographic or methodological area

Public History Option

Students interested in pursuing employment or graduate study in the field of Public History are encouraged to choose the following two courses as their Advanced History Electives:

Electives: 36 Sem. Hrs.

History Majors are encouraged to use 18 of their free elective hours to pursue a minor. History Majors considering pursuing an MA and/or PhD in history are strongly encouraged to complete 12 credit hours in a foreign language as that is a common graduate school requirement.

Total: 120 Sem. Hrs.

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