Oct 26, 2021  
The University of North Carolina at Pembroke 2017-2018 Catalog 
The University of North Carolina at Pembroke 2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Philosophy and Religion, B.A.

Freshman Seminar: 1 Sem. Hr.

General Education: 44 Sem. Hrs.

See General Education Program  for available options in each category.

Courses for the Major: 30 Sem. Hrs.

While the minimum requirement is 30 hours of courses in the major, students may take additional hours; all courses in Philosophy or Religion taken at UNC-Pembroke shall be counted towards the major GPA.

Courses from the Core Philosophy and Religion Curriculum: 21 Sem. Hrs.

At least 15 of these 21 hours must be at the 3000 or 4000 level.

Special topic or independent study courses are part of the Core Curriculum; which distributional area they fall under is determined by the Department Chair.

At least four of these areas must be represented:

PHI/REL 3400--WD

This course is also a part of the Core Curriculum, though it does not count towards any distributional area.

Students taking 18 or more hours with only a REL prefix must take

Electives: 45 Sem. Hrs.

Total: 120 Sem. Hrs.