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The University of North Carolina Pembroke 2014-2015 Catalog 
The University of North Carolina Pembroke 2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Affairs Departments

Student Affairs is responsible for the management and coordination of Housing and Residence Life, Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Health Services, the Career Center, Office for Diversity and Inclusion, Community and Civic Engagement, the University Center and Programs department, Student Involvement and Leadership, Greek Life, Campus Recreation, Student Conduct, Police and Public Safety, and Environmental Health and Safety.

Student Housing and Residence Life

Housing and Residence Life is an integral part of the educational program at UNCP. Campus housing is considered to be more than merely a place to sleep; it is “home” for many students. The University’s aim is to provide housing that offers an environment conducive to studying and to provide an opportunity for each student to develop socially and academically. Especially mature, well-qualified students are employed as Resident Advisors. The RAs live within the residence halls and are available to provide information, assist with the transition to on-campus living, and assist with developing community.

Campus housing is located within walking distance of all campus facilities including classrooms, library, dining hall, snack bar, student center, bookstore, post office, and recreational facilities. A wide selection of campus recreational facilities and programs is available to all students. Students are encouraged to become involved in the different activities and student organizations on campus.

A Housing Agreement/Application must be completed by all students entering UNCP who request to live on campus. An application can be obtained from the web site at www.uncp.edu/housing or by contacting the office at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke, P.O. Box 1510, Pembroke, NC 28372-1510. This application and a $150 deposit must be on file before a room assignment can be considered. All students moving into campus housing must have paid room and board fees before keys can be issued to rooms. Neither returning students nor new students will be guaranteed a specific roommate, a specific room, or a specific assignment.

Room and Board are available during both terms of the Summer Session.

Counseling and Psychological Services

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke believes that education includes the development of the whole person. At UNCP, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is central to the overall mission of the university. These services help students to achieve their educational goals, learn the process of problem solving, increase and enhance their capacity for satisfying interpersonal relationships, and make full use of their potential for continued growth beyond their educational experience. The mission of CAPS is to help students define and accomplish personal and academic goals while maintaining balance in their lives. These services are directed towards enhancing the skills which students bring with them to UNCP and encouraging the development of skills which will make students more successful both at UNCP and beyond.

The center offers confidential individual, couples, and group counseling; educational workshops; psychiatric evaluations and medication monitoring; and clinical/educational assessments. Licensed professionals provide counseling services for UNCP students without cost. Typical concerns addressed are depression, anxiety, disordered eating, family concerns, alcohol and drug issues, self-esteem, sexuality, and many more. Services are typically provided through walk-in and by appointment; when a crisis occurs, urgent care needs can be addressed immediately.

The clinical case manager works closely with many offices throughout campus to ensure a continuity of support for a student who may be struggling with psychological, intellectual, and social issues that affect overall quality of life. The case manager oversees the CARE team, which coordinates off-campus services and auxiliary services that a student might need such as shelter and food when a student is homeless and/or hungry. (http://www.uncp.edu/sa/care_team.htm)

With the addition of a Collegiate Recovery Community grant, CAPS has taken steps toward meeting the needs of students in recovery from drug or alcohol addictions. In Fall 2014, CAPS will be launching a collegiate recovery community. Opportunities for students to engage in fun, supportive, and sober activities have been made possible by support from the Stacie Mathewson Foundation & Transforming Youth Recovery. The grant is overseen by CAPS alcohol and other drug specialists.

The Sexual Misconduct Advocacy and Resource Team (SMART) is coordinated by a CAPS sexual assault advocate. The goal of the team is to serve as an on-campus resource/advocate for students who are victims of sexual violence, interpersonal violence, and gender-based hate crime. (http://www.uncp.edu/caps/violence.)

Student Health Services

The Student Health Services Center is staffed Sunday 5 p.m. - Friday 4 p.m. during the academic year. Available medical services include primary medicine, routine gynecologic examinations and contraceptive health education, confidential HIV testing, allergy injections, laboratory services, nursing services, minor injury treatment, and health education programs. A nurse practitioner is available during selected hours. Seriously ill students and emergencies are referred to local medical facilities as necessary. Students should be aware that student health fees do not cover off-campus treatment. A current, validated student ID card is required for all visits. All registered students taking six (6) or more credit hours are required to purchase the student injury and sickness insurance plan, with the following exceptions: distance education students and students who submit evidence of equivalent coverage satisfactory to the policyholder may waive coverage.

Medical History and Immunizations: N.C. Law requires that each student provide proof of immunizations. Any student who does not have the mandated immunizations and/or does not furnish the required medical statement within thirty (30) days of the first day of class will be withdrawn from classes. The University has no authority to waive these requirements and/or give extension on the thirty (30) day time limit. A medical history form, which includes the required immunization documentation, should be returned as part of the admission requirement prior to registration. This form must be completed by the student and on file with Student Health Services. The director and nurses on duty are available to assist students in completing the necessary immunizations. This law applies to all students except the following: students residing off campus and registering for any combination of

  1. Off-campus courses
  2. Evening courses
  3. Weekend courses
  4. No more than four traditional day credit hours in on-campus courses.

Career Center

The Career Center is located in the James B. Chavis University Center, Room 210. The Center’s purpose is to assist students and alumni with career planning and the job search. Career counselors are available to assist students in deciding their major, assessing their skills and interests, exploring job information, writing résumés and cover letters, polishing interviewing skills, and developing job search strategies.

The Career Library maintains resources related to college majors, careers, employers, graduate schools, internships/co-ops, and the job market. Web services are available for students to post résumés and references, view job listings, and network with employers.

Workshops are offered throughout the year on a wide range of career planning topics. The following events are scheduled annually: UNV 1050. Introduction to Career Development (2 credits) , Professional and Career Development Institutes, Freshman Seminar presentations, business etiquette dinners, and career fairs.

Representatives from business, industry, government, healthcare agencies, and public schools visit the Career Center during the fall and spring semesters to interview students and alumni for job and internship vacancies. The UNCP Alumni Career Connection is a network of graduates willing to contribute information and/or time to students exploring careers, graduate schools, internships, etc.

For more information, view the Career Center’s website and online newsletter at www.uncp.edu/career or call to make an appointment. Office hours are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday.

Office for Diversity and Inclusion

The Office for Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) provides leadership and advocacy at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke to support cultural diversity and to prepare students to interact in a diverse world. ODI actualizes a dimension of the university’s core value of diversity by empowering UNC Pembroke’s diverse student populations and facilitating cross-cultural interactions through educational opportunities, programmatic initiatives for the university community, and adhering to the basis of respect and inclusion. ODI is in the business of ensuring that every UNCP student is equipped and linked to the right resources and services that the University and community at large have to offer. ODI is located on the first floor of historic Old Main, in the Multicultural Center, Room 128. Office hours are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday.

Multicultural Center: The UNC Pembroke Multicultural Center seeks to promote the globalization of the campus by providing a means to increase awareness about other cultures and to help people from other cultures have positive contact with the campus. The Multicultural Center strives to reach the first of these goals by providing special events, exhibits, and workshops that provide a glimpse of understanding into other cultures. In order to meet the second goal, the Center serves as a resource for all UNCP students, faculty, and staff. The Center is also available for scheduled meetings of student, faculty, and staff groups.

Office for Community and Civic Engagement

The Office for Community and Civic Engagement (CCE) is located in Jacobs Hall, Suite K. The CCE office strives to enrich our students’ educational experience through active, engaged service and volunteer opportunities. Its goal is for every UNCP student to become a responsible citizen. The CCE office develops educational experiences for college students to engage responsibly in civic activities that help them recognize their civic duty and potential. Students gain a contemporary perspective of active citizenship through educational programs, community service projects, and volunteer opportunities.

The core elements of the CCE curriculum focus on student development and citizenship through service. Through volunteerism, active engagement, and personal reflection, the CCE curriculum provides civic education, social awareness, and service opportunities for students to become actively engaged in social justice issues and civic responsibility. Students are encouraged to participate in volunteer and monthly service opportunities through the CCE office, as well as student clubs and organizations. Students may receive awards and recognition for community and civic engagement at the annual volunteer celebration.

Students may documents their participation in service activities and civic education development via Brave Connect, an online student involvement management system, to create a co-curricular service transcript. The transcript includes information about the student’s participation in volunteer opportunities and community service, along with detailed information about each community and campus service project completed by a student. The co-curricular service transcript is a great complement to the student’s résumé and academic transcript.

Office for Service Learning: The Office for Service Learning is located within the Office for Community and Civic Engagement (CCE) in Jacobs Hall, Suite M. Service-learning is a teaching and learning strategy that enriches academic and life-long learning by engaging students in meaningful service to the community while gaining valuable knowledge and skills that integrate with course objectives. The service is integrated with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. At UNCP, faculty and students take part in service-learning to enhance learning and achievement in a wide variety of majors and minors, supported through a partnership between UNCP’s Office for Academic Affairs and Division of Student Affairs.

Students enrolled in service-learning courses are provided with opportunities to apply the concepts, skills, and information learned in the classroom to real world problems in the community. In addition, service-learning gives students the opportunity to develop personal goals and values at the same time accomplishing academic goals. Service-learning empowers students to take part in the life of their communities, as informed, active, and engaged citizens.

University Center and Programs

The University Center and Programs department includes the James B. Chavis University Center and the University Center Annex. The University Center and Programs department is committed to facilitating the educational process by providing services, programs, activities, and facilities where students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests can interact and foster a sense of community.

The James B. Chavis University Center is the hub of campus activities and houses offices for Greek Life, Student Involvement and Leadership, the Student Government Association, the Association of Campus Entertainment, the Career Center, and Counseling and Psychological Services. Service areas within the University Center include a computer lab, an Information Station, the Dining Hall, World of Wings Cafe, the Hawk’s Nest game room, student lounges, three conference rooms, and a meditation room.

The University Center Annex is the main programming venue on campus and includes three conference rooms and a multi-purpose assembly room with two dressing rooms and a catering kitchen. Offices for Housing and Residence Life and Student Publications-the Indianhead yearbook and The Aurochs literary magazine-are also housed in the Annex.

Student Involvement and Leadership

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, located in Suite 225 of the James B. Chavis University Center, is a major component of the Division of Student Affairs serving the university community. In particular, the office is responsible for developing the leadership capacity of students and supporting student organizations as integral members of the University community by serving as a leadership and organizational development clearinghouse.

The mission of the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership is to provide meaningful co- and extra-curricular developmental and educational opportunities for students in a highly personalized and student-centered educational environment in order to challenge students to embrace difference, adapt to change, think critically, communicate effectively, and become responsible citizens as outlined by the University’s mission.

Guided by the University’s Core Values, the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership is committed to enhancing the overall educational experience of students by providing students, at a variety of abilities and engagement levels, with appropriately designed opportunities to develop their leadership capacity and campus engagement in support of becoming life-long learners; involving students in the planning and implementation of co- and extra-curricular activities; and supporting positive educational outcomes including the ability to create, function in, and maintain a socially just, culturally engaged, civically involved, sustainable, and technologically advanced community.

Greek Life

Involvement in Fraternity and Sorority Life is considered to be a premier leadership experience on the college campus today. Greek Life provides an opportunity for lifetime membership in a fraternity or sorority committed to values-based leadership. The cornerstones of Fraternity and Sorority Life are academic excellence, leadership, community service and philanthropy, and brotherhood and sisterhood. Fraternity and Sorority membership provides resources for mentorship, and career services as well as personal and professional development. UNC Pembroke hosts a number of Fraternity and Sorority chapters designed to provide a great fit for students.

There are also many traditional programs that fraternity and sorority students participate in, such as Meet the Greeks, where interested students have an opportunity to meet all of our fraternities and sororities the first weeks of school; Homecoming Week, where our fraternity and sorority students show Hawk Pride through various friendly competitions and activities; Songfest, which is the fraternity and sorority community philanthropy event; Greek Week, which is a weeklong celebration of all of our social fraternities and sororities that demonstrates their unity and community spirit; the NPHC Step Show event that serves to give the 9 historically African American Fraternities and Sororities an opportunity to share with the campus community various cultural and diverse learning experiences through the art of African stepping; and numerous other events.

The purpose of the various Fraternity and Sorority Governing Boards is to provide self-governance to all Fraternity and Sorority organizations through decisions made by peers. The Fraternity and Sorority Governing Boards provide autonomy to all Greek chapters on campus. Leaders are selected by the Greek Life Office or elected by peers to serve the Fraternity and Sorority community by creating policies and procedures in order to hold the Fraternity and Sorority community to a high standard.

Campus Recreation

The Department of Campus Recreation believes that leisure physical activity and enjoyment are vital to a person’s total well‑being. Based upon this belief, Campus Recreation provides a broad and diversified program of recreational activities for the University’s students, faculty, and staff. Patrons have the opportunity to participate in over a dozen intramural activities, multiple club sports, group fitness activities, and trips associated with the Adventure Leadership Program (ALS). Campus Recreation also provides access to non-organized avenues of recreation through the use of the Campbell Wellness Center, Aquatics Center, Auxiliary Gym, and Disc Golf Course. Through the many programs of the department, the goal is to provide patrons with the opportunity to develop lifetime recreational skills, gain an appreciation for healthy choices, and develop positive social interactions that lead to lifelong relationships.

Student Conduct

The mission of Student Conduct is to administer a campus student discipline program that encourages students to develop as responsible adults. Through programming, advisement, and interaction, Student Conduct seeks to increase awareness of University expectations of student behavior, encourage civility, and promote self-responsibility. Student Conduct believes in promoting an environment which encourages students to uphold community standards, enhancing community through education and striving to provide a comprehensive student discipline program that encourages all students to develop into productive members of society.

Police and Public Safety

The Police and Public Safety Department is a full-service law enforcement agency. UNCP Officers are trained professionals, certified by the North Carolina Justice and Standards Commission. These Officers are vested with all powers of arrest within the University Community and all property owned or leased by UNC Pembroke and that portion of any public road or highway passing through campus or adjoining the campus. The Police and Public Safety Department has mutual aid agree ments with all municipal departments within Robeson County including the Sheriff’s Department and NC Highway Patrol.

Motorist Assistance: Students, faculty, staff, and/or visitors on campus who find themselves in need of emergency vehicle service should call the University Police Department (521-6235) for assistance or contact the police via Emergency Call Boxes located on campus. Emergency supplies such as air tanks, jump boxes, gas cans, and devices for unlocking automobile doors are available.

Campus Escort Service: The University Police provide an escort service aimed at pedestrian safety on campus. To obtain an escort, a student should dial 521-6235.

Emergency Call Boxes: The University Police communications system allows the campus population the ability to contact officers directly 24 hours a day via telephone at 521-6235 or via Emergency Call Boxes. There are fifty (50) additional Emergency Call Boxes located at various sites on campus and within residence halls. These call boxes are easily identifiable by the “Emergency” markings, and outdoor boxes have blue strobe lights mounted on top. To use these devices, a caller must depress the call button, and the device connects directly to the University Police. Police Dispatchers are available to dispatch officers to calls for service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are multiple avenues available for the University community to report a crime or request services.

Phone: (910) 521-6235

In Person: The Police and Public Safety Department is located in the Auxiliary Services building on Faculty Row behind the UNCP bookstore, directly across from the Oak Hall dormitory.

E-mail: police@uncp.edu

Anonymous and Confidential Online Form: www.uncp.edu/police/report_crime/form.htm

Environmental Health and Safety

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is dedicated to the protection of human life and our campus environment. EH&S acknowledges the close relationship between the environment, work, and human health and safety. The office is committed to preventing the loss of human potential caused by fatalities, injuries, illness, and disabilities on the job and in the campus community.

EH&S is also aware of the critical importance of the campus environment, protection of our buildings, and maintenance of a safe and healthy campus environment which is essential for productivity and excellence. The office provides many direct services to faculty, staff, and students and offers an array of training courses and related services.