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The University of North Carolina Pembroke 2014-2015 Catalog 
The University of North Carolina Pembroke 2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Middle Grades Education, M.A.Ed.

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Director: Scott C. Billingsley

Specialty Area Advisors:

Language Arts: Roger A. Ladd

Mathematics: Raymond Lee

Science: Rita Hagevik

Social Studies: Scott C. Billingsley

Program Description

The advanced Middle Grades Education degree program is designed for experienced teachers who possess or who are eligible to hold a Standard Professional I license in middle school education. Building on the background knowledge and experience of the classroom teacher, the program seeks to strengthen advanced academic competence through two teaching concentrations in the disciplines, and to relate advanced understandings of the learner, learning process, curriculum, and instructional strategies to the unique needs and characteristics of the emerging adolescent.

Students pursuing the M.A.Ed. are encouraged to complete the program's professional studies core within their initial 15 hours of graduate study. The specialty area course, EDN 5950 . Professional Development and Leadership Seminar. Curriculum, and Instruction, is a capstone experience taken toward the completion of the student's program of study. All M.A.Ed. candidates are required to construct and present products of learning such as action research projects and professional portfolios that are aligned with the advanced Master's degree competencies.

Program Goals

The Program will prepare the teacher to

  1. Develop an understanding of the history and philosophy of middle grades education and theories about its future development, including organizational components and assessment and evaluation in the middle school setting.
  2. Develop an understanding of middle school curriculum and practices appropriate for the emerging adolescent learner.
  3. Develop a greater understanding of the theoretical base, research, and exemplary practices of middle grades education.
  4. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the content and pedagogy of the middle school curriculum.
  5. Improve educational practice through self-reflection, self-evaluation, and action research.

Requirements for a Master of Arts in Education: Middle Grades Education

Specialty Area Requirements: 21 Sem. Hrs.

Required and Guided Electives in One Subject Area

Students must complete one 21-semester-hour content area concentration in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, or Social Studies. Advanced study in any content area chosen for specialization requires foundation discipline knowledge sufficient for graduate-level work.

1. Language Arts:

(two required courses + five electives)

2. Science:

(one required course + six electives)

3. Social Studies:

(one required course + six electives)

Social Sciences (select at least three):

  • Geology/Geography (GGY/GLY***)
  • Political Science (PSPA***)
  • Economics (ECN*****)
  • American Indian Studies (AIS***)

4. Mathematics:

(two required courses + five electives)

Thesis: 0-6 Sem. Hrs.

Independent Study: 0-3 Sem. Hrs.

Total (minimum): 39 Sem. Hrs.

Note: For course descriptions, see M.A. in *English Education, **Science Education, ***Social Studies Education, ****Mathematics Education, *****MBA

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